• Klausen Carlsson posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    There are only a couple of weeks to go until John Wick Chapter 4 hits theaters. A long-awaited return to an action movie that, with its surreal premise, has managed to captivate millions of viewers.

    But, the tangled plan of contract murderers which is brought about by the revenge trip for the dog and a car however, doesn’t mean that it is breaking the norms of the business. The canons say that we should eat popcorn on March 24 while watching the full movie an unmissable trailer has been made available that will give a clear account of Keanu Reeves’ journey to regain his freedom in the fourth installment of the saga cinematographic.

    Although we are facing an trailer that perhaps isn’t worth the time however, the footage shown in John Wick: Chapter 4 is stunning. We get to see some of the many action scenes Keanu Reeves will be playing for the movie, and also his negotiation with the always fascinating Winston which is played by Ian McShane.

    After all, the plot is continuing from in which Parabellum was the third installment of the series, ended. Prize for those who have already seen the film, because we’ll be able to provide many more details about the Bowery and the High Table and the mysterious leader who lives in the Moroccan desert.

    The news was revealed recently that the length of the film would comprise 2 hours, 49 minutes, making it the longest in the entire saga, starring Keanu Reeves, whose feature films have never stood out for being too short.

    In this regard the only thing left is to do time in the next five weeks before it’s available in movie theaters around the world. It is to be expected to be one of the great successes of the year since up to now, the franchise has been associated with box office successes.

    Keanu Reeves has become the man of the moment and John Wick: Chapter 4 will not be the only movie we’ll seeing him in for years to come. The actor will appear in Ballerina, a spin-off of John Wick. It’s a spin-off of the original John Wick saga that will star Ana de Armas. More importantly, especially to DC Comics fans The Constantine sequel is still being developed. There are a lot of changes to the script, many had given it up for cancellation, but Reeves himself will resume his role as the character he played in 2005.