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    HDPE waterproofing membrane products execute a good job of keeping the house dry and tidy, it’s one of several good solutions for leaking houses as it’s affordable, it’s low maintenance, and it is very convenient.

    Even tho it’s a leaking roof or perhaps a room leaking to the next level of occupants, you can get damage to property and also neighborhoods. It is a ubiquitous architectural phenomenon, and in construction, leaking water may be the second biggest problem in building quality. Now, lots of people took measures, waterproof coatings, waterproof membranes, as well as other products.

    Precisely what are HDPE damp membranes?

    HDPE damp membranes are in reality a self-adhesive waterproof material, containing the characteristics of superior performance, temperature resistance, and sturdiness. Additionally, the self-adhesive film includes a polymer adhesive layer.

    HDPE damp membranes are constructed with high-quality high-density polyethylene resin, possibly at one time, ultraviolet absorbers, anti-aging agents, etc. can also be used.

    Top features of HDPE waterproof membrane



    Less maintenance

    Supports construction on wet bases

    Very easy to construct

    Castable skeleton steel bar

    It can form a super-strong bond with concrete, thus preventing the penetration of rain and moisture

    Willing to walk

    Following your waterproof layer is fully gone, it could be directly stuck just using the outcome resistance of reinforced concrete with out a protective layer

    Low requirements for your base layer, and is constructed on uneven and wet base surfaces

    Not impacted by objective factors, thereby reducing construction costs

    More flexible construction methods

    Good waterproof performance

    Widely application

    Whether it’s the top area of the ramp, the waterproofing in the tunnel, and the pool, it can be perfectly waterproofed. As well, HDPE damp membranes can be used for high-requirement waterproof projects and several gas leakage prevention.

    Installation tips

    Keep your base layer clean first. If the sharp the main protrusion is available, it will be processed being flat. If there are more water stains, keep your base layer moist.

    Unroll the membrane. When laying the show for the lower layer, you’ll want to pay attention to the particles with the film facing up, as well as the edges of the adjacent films must be aligned in order to avoid overlapping.

    How you can determine the thickness from the film meets the requirements?

    This process is quite brief, please take a needle and randomly select 3 points per 100 square meters around the membrane for penetration experiments. Dimensional measurements were created for that thickness with the 3 needle punches respectively, and lastly, an average value was taken for their heights. When the average thickness is larger than 1.5mm, it meets the needs.

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