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    wooden doors also fulfil necessary requirements for fire protection? The reply is “yes, they can” – below are a few details about fireresistant security doors:

    Fire Door Identification

    It is possible to recognise fire-resistant doors through certain features – they’ll display relevant certification labels in addition to clear signage identifying them as fire resistant. They’ve got intumescent seals around and relating to the door frame and the entire body in the door itself – these seals are created from heat resistant materials that swell when afflicted by excess heat thereby sealing any gaps involving the door and frame and floor stopping the spread of heat, flame, and smoke travelling into adjoining rooms or areas. Fire doors should also be fitted with door closing mechanisms which identify them off their internal doors.

    Wooden Fire Safety Doors

    Wooden fire-resistant doors can be constructed from various materials – the most common materials used to constitute the core in the door are flax or mag board, particleboard or, the best option, solid timber. They can be affixed having a lipping across the core which has a veneer finish, and an MDF, plywood, or timber frame that is laminated to finish the outer finish. If these doors are to be painted, you need to use fire retardant paint.

    Fire safety doors can even be made out of other materials including steel as well as specially treated glass.

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